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Object catalog, Library, Archive, Exhibitions, Events and Projects

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DYNAMIC ARCHIVE is a dynamic digital archive that is always up to date due to its concept: the archive is maintained by the designers themselves. Selected data can be published directly on the members website and/or on the
Object catalog, Library, Archive, Exhibitions, Events and Projects
Digital Asset Management: Upload, store, organize, manage, share and track all your digital assets in one place, from a single source.
The archive offers the following fully integrated modules:

Photo, Professional disciplines, Curriculum, link to own website and institutional archives.
Profile of members is published on the website of All data entered are and remain the property of the designer and can only be shown publicly with the consent of the designer.
Exhibitions, lectures, etc.
List of events to which the designer contributed.
Designs, models, sketches, design drawings.
All types of unique objects classified by type, with description, location information, copyright, etc.
Documents classified by type.
Letters, contracts, press clippings, etc.
Expenses sorted by groups.
1. Own publications, 2. Printed matter in which work has been published, 3. Professional literature, 4. Own collection such as posters, magazines, etc.
Exhibition production platform.
For web presentation or scenario for physical exhibition.
With template or own design for direct Web presentation.
Insurance, location monitor, publications.
Publications of work are recorded and provide an overview of the rights to be paid, recording the location of physical documents, and details of the insured value and insurer.

Production platform shared with colleagues.
The individual designer can compose a team and share the platform with agenda, action list and designs.
Template for public presentation or archived work embedded in your website. Data is published directly from the archive database.
Publication on your own website or archive is only possible with the permission of the designer. is an affiliate of Foundation.

DNA has chosen English as Lingua Franca, to make it easier to share information with the international cultural world and the many cross-border partnerships. Each participant is free to choose to add content in any language.