Agora & Projects

work groups and partnerships

Participants who use the archive functions can compile work groups themselves and share data. All types of projects and partnerships can be initiated and documented in this way.

The platform is open to all members. The project platform is started and maintained by a 'moderator' or 'Administrator'. The Moderator invites the participants and is primarily responsible for the agenda. All participants get access to project data such as Agenda, Tasks, Documents, etc. Each individual participant can initiate a project and invite colleagues to a collaborative project.
After the end of a project, the data is retained and can be used for reference, publication or research.

Art-producing institutions can use the hierarchical stucture. The institution shares its archive with chosen employees to maintain the archive.

The type of project is determined by the Moderator or administrator. The project module is generic, and can be adjusted and upgraded at the request of the users.
Membership gives access to the 24/7 'Issues' where proposals and questions can be shared with the developers team.